Gabrielle Tarini

Can everyone help verify the bioweapons convention? Perhaps, via open source monitoring.

The Biological Weapons Convention is the only multilateral treaty to ban an entire class of weapons of mass destruction, and it officially acknowledges no offensive bioweapons programs or stockpiles anywhere in the world…read more.


Daniel M. Gerstein
Daniel M. Gerstein

We’re Not Prepared for a Biological Attack

Arguably one of the greatest threats facing humankind is the deliberate use of biological pathogens to attack populations. Estimates of casualties from such an attack vary widely, yet numbers in the hundreds of thousands killed or infected are certainly considered possible…read more.



Gene drives: The good, the bad, and the hype

Sonia Ben Ouagrham-GormleyKathleen M. Vogel

Since the early 2000s, many advances in the life sciences, such as the artificial synthesis of the poliovirus and the gain-of-function experiments that enhanced the transmissibility of the H5N1 flu virus, have led to warnings that bioweapons development would soon be getting easier, cheaper, and faster for states and non-state actors alike...read more.